Smart Watch (Answer/Make Call), 1.7″ Smartwatch Fitness Tracker For Android And IOS Phones With Heart Rate Sleep Tracking

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As the world becomes more connected, the demand for wearable technology continues to grow. Smartwatches are the perfect example of this, offering users the ability to track their fitness, answer calls, and stay connected on the go. The Smart Watch (Answer/Make Call) is a powerful smartwatch that offers a wide range of features, including heart rate and sleep tracking, 28 sports modes, and blood oxygen monitoring. With AI voice control, this smartwatch allows for hands-free operation, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this smartwatch and see how it compares to other options on the market.

Features and Specifications

The Smart Watch (Answer/Make Call) is a feature-packed smartwatch that offers a range of capabilities to help you stay connected and track your fitness goals. With a vibrant 1.7-inch color touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and heart rate and sleep monitoring, this smartwatch is a great tool for staying on top of your health and wellness.

Additionally, with 28 different sports modes, blood oxygen monitoring, and AI voice control, this watch offers comprehensive features for fitness enthusiasts. Other features such as call and message notifications, weather forecasts, music and camera control, and long battery life make the Smart Watch (Answer/Make Call) an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay connected and active.

Some key features:

  • 1.7-inch color touch screen display
  • Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • 28 sports modes for tracking various physical activities
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • AI voice control for hands-free operation
  • Call and message notifications
  • Weather forecast
  • Music control and remote camera control
  • Long battery life (up to 7 days of normal use)
  • IP68 water resistance rating
  • Compatible with third-party fitness apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health.


  • Comprehensive set of fitness tracking features, including heart rate and sleep monitoring, 28 sports modes, and blood oxygen monitoring
  • Large and vibrant 1.7-inch color touch screen display for easy viewing
  • Can answer and make calls directly from the watch
  • AI voice control for hands-free use
  • Long battery life for extended use between charges


  • Compatibility may be limited to Android and iOS phones only
  • Some users may find the design to be bulky or unattractive
  • The accuracy of the fitness tracking features may not be as precise as dedicated fitness trackers
  • Some users may find the user interface to be confusing or difficult to navigate
  • Limited third-party app support compared to more established smartwatch brands

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